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There is a countless number of websites that teach you how to play the latest popular guitar riffs. This isn't one of them. The last thing the web needs is another riff-regurgitator website. Not that there's anything wrong with that - we love learning great riffs, too.

But, is that all you want? Wouldn't you like to...

  • understand why certain riffs work with certain chord combinations?
  • know which notes magically float over any chord?
  • always know what to play that conveys the mood you want to create?

That's the stuff we teach. Grow as a musician, as a guitarist and learn at your own pace. Want to cram and grow quickly as a player and in your understanding of the instrument? It's here waiting for you.

Don't have large blocks of time? We encourage all our teachers to break their lessons into small quickly digestible chunks so that you can learn something quickly and save your place for later!

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We are looking for teachers who know their stuff. If you are a guitarist who has something special to offer the world we’d love to talk with you.

We'll give you ...

  • access to awesome teaching tools not available anywhere else.
  • a drag-and-drop lesson creation system second to none that allows you to...
    • create whole guitar courses to include any number of sections and lessons.
    • price your courses as you see fit.
    • make any of the individual lessons in your course free as a sample.
    • easily add videos, interactive chord or neck charts.
    • drag-n-drop preformatted text blocks where you want them. Everything always fits together and looks profesionally styled.
    • easily import your own notation and tab.
    • synch your recorded audio or video with tab/notation using a simple tool where you tap the rhythm to set the synch!
    • refer students to yours, or other teachers', courses and make extra income.

Basically, everything you need to create high quality guitar courses.

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