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Have you tried other guitar learning systems that make bold claims like, "You'll be playing like a pro in no time without having to learn anything about boring music theory" only to find, after buying their deal, that you first have to memorize a bunch of fingering patterns and how to make their secret system work? Even if you do get some good out of these programs, you usually end up not knowing much about music in general - only about their approach to being able to play “without having to think” which just isn't a real thing.

On the other side of the spectrum are those who seem to want to impress you with all their vast knowledge of music theory and simply overwhelm you with their explanations of modes, scales, and on and on without ever really playing any real music!

Guitar Creative takes a completely different approach from all the other approaches that have failed you in the past. First we'll look at the typical approaches to learning guitar.

The Problem With Both Approaches

Those who focus first and foremost on teaching you music theory BEFORE showing you how to actually USE what you're learning typically have you sitting around memorizing and playing scales and modes of scales before ever applying this knowledge in any practial way! This results in more confusion and frustration for the guitarist who is trying to break out of a rut.

Then there are those whose marketing cry is, "You don't need to know anything about music theory, you just have to learn our “secret system” and you're all set!" These folks are trying to appeal to our lazy inclinations because we usually don't want to have to think! But in the end, after learning their "exclusive & secret system" we don't really know why what they're showing us works.

We've only really learned their little isolated system which results in us eventually GETTING STUCK AGAIN!

Our Approach Gives You Both.

I know from experience that in the heart of every learning guitarist is the understanding that there is GREAT VALUE in knowing more and more about how music works - how all the pieces fit together. But, you shouldn't have to wait until you know someone's "secret system" OR until you know all your scales and modes to start getting out of your rut.

So how can you do it all at the same time? Let me introduce you to Riff Lab, a unique, online guitar-software tool included in your free user account.

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What's So Special About Riff Lab?

Riff Lab is a new, revolutionary guitar software that runs right in your browser. It's a riff creation tool that allows you to immediately start PLAYING as you explore and learn how music really works on your guitar fretboard.

You'll be engaging the creative part of your brain because you are free to create cool riffs without having to know anything about music. But, WHILE you are creating, YOU ARE LEARNING the fretboard AND how music ACTUALLY WORKS. You won't have to settle for some obscure, private system or "long kept secret". That's because:

  • Ready-to-Use Framework - Without having to memorize anything, you get instant access to all the notes of any scale or chord (arpeggio). Also, with the click or tap of a button you can see all the chords in any major or minor key.
  • Power of Pattern Recognition - You immediately begin to see patterns on the fretboard you wouldn't see any other way. And, because you can zero in on specific sets of strings and fret ranges, you can really focus your attention to master any area of the fretboard without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Smart Buttons - You can quickly build a new riff by simply randomly selecting notes on the fretboard diagram and then clicking one smart button that figures out the most efficient pick-stroke and phrasing options such as hammer-ons, pull-offs and slides. Then click another smart button to create new rhythmic variations.
  • Save Your Creation - Neuroscience has shown that when you learn a new skill-based thing such as playing a new riff, sleep between practice sessions is a critical factor in really getting it down. With Riff Lab you can save your new creation to your free user account, so you can come back any time and really hone your new riff.
  • Create, Hear & Visualize - You can then listen to your riff being played using a variety of guitar sounds while you see the fretboard notes animate AND the notation playhead move. As a result you get the visual and aural stimulation of seeing something YOU JUST CREATED being played.
  • Practice Over Background Music - Then you pick up your guitar, make a selection of a looping background track in any style and begin getting your new creation under your fingers.

Check out the video below showing the first pre-release of Riff Lab and you'll quickly see what I mean.

You can get access to Riff Lab for free by getting a free user account.

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Get Yourself Unstuck!

First of all, while it IS a good idea to dig a little deeper into music, Riff Lab does most of the work for you. You don't have to start by memorizing anything. Any scale or chord is already at your fingertips mapped out across a fretboard diagram.

The Secret to Riff Lab's Success

Think about it. When you open Riff Lab and see all the options laid out before you, all you have to do is start clicking the provided notes on the fretboard to add them to a riff sequence.

Then The Magic Happens!

Riff Lab gives you a couple of AI-like buttons that then tweak your new riff by adding:

  • New syncopated rhythms.
  • Smart up and down strokes.
  • Well-placed left hand techniques like pull-offs, hammer-ons and slides.

All of these smart, AI-like features will show you how to save tons of pick strokes and improve your ability to play your riff faster and with more feeling!

Create, Play, Learn!

Using Riff Lab, you're using all your senses as you work the creative part of your brain. This results in exponential grow in your technical abilities AND your understanding of music on the guitar. That's because Riff Lab helps you effortlessly build new, awesome riffs without having to know anything about music initially! Then, because you immediately start learning and playing your riffs, you're learning both ABOUT music and HOW certain combinations of notes sound. You'll even begin learning to read notation by seeing, hearing and playing your new creations. It's a killer way to learn.

As you listen to your new creation being played in the Riff Player of Riff Lab, you become familiar with the new rhythms. Then you select a looping background track from among multiple styles and start experimenting with your new creation right away.

Play at a Much Higher Level

High Value Music evokes feelings in the listener AND the player. In fact, if what you play (and how you play it) doesn't stir you and your listener in some way it has very low value which means you and your listeners get bored with it very quickly.

But, if you DO stir the emotions of your listeners when you play, that music is considered by everyone to have Very High Value and people want to listen to it over and over.

Learn To Play What You Feel

How can anyone claim to be able to teach you to play what you feel and stir others to feel what you feel as you play? While this IS a tall order, it IS possible because certain notes played over certain chords create different kinds of tension and you can learn to match those tension notes with what you "feel" as you play.

So, since you're able to quickly discover WHERE these notes are by experimenting in Riff Lab, you're not just learning the FACTS about music (what some people call music theory), you're finding out how to create sounds that help people feel what you are feeling when you play. And, since you're learning where these notes and combinations of notes are located, you know what to play to create the feelings you want to create!

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Next-Level Backing Tracks

Welcome to the game-changing JamTrack Zone, your gateway to infinite practice possibilities from Guitar Creative. With an extensive library of jam tracks, all expertly recorded using real instruments (no cheesy midi here!), you're no longer confined by the ordinary. Whether you're a beginner or advanced player, JamTrack Zone empowers you to break free from your routine and explore new musical dimensions like never before.

  • Huge Array of Styles - Our collection boasts hundreds of backing tracks in styles ranging from Rock, Pop, Blues to various country and jazz styles. This vast array of options will push your boundaries, encouraging you to play and improvise in ways you never thought possible.
  • Every Chord, Every Key - We believe in comprehensive practice, so we've made every chord progression in every key. That's 12 dedicated tracks for each progression, expanding your versatility and musicianship.
  • Live Tracking - Never lose your place with our live tracking feature. As the track plays, the current measure is highlighted, helping you stay in the rhythm and follow the progression seamlessly.
  • Customizable Practice Loops - Want to master a specific section? With JamTrack Zone, you can loop any section by simply selecting the start and end measure. This personalization allows for an almost infinite number of practice possibilities. Repeat, practice, master, and repeat again until you've nailed it.
  • Interactive Fretboard - Visualize your playing with our interactive fretboard. It displays the recommended scale for the current measure, allowing you to see exactly where you should place your fingers. By setting the lowest and highest fret for display, you unlock endless opportunities for focused practice.
  • String Flexibility - Customize your learning by deciding which strings to display on the interactive fretboard. Focus in on your weak areas, or master the areas in which you're strong - the choice is yours, it's entirely in your control.

JamTrack Zone transforms the way you play, pushing you beyond your comfort zone and introducing you to a world of new exploration of the fretboard in multiple styles.

Check out the demo video below and discover the power of JamTrack Zone.

Ready to break free from the ordinary? Sign up for your free account today, and let JamTrack Zone elevate your guitar game to the next level. Your journey to becoming a more creative, versatile, and accomplished guitarist begins here.

Unlock your potential with JamTrack Zone. Say goodbye to monotony and hello to an exciting world of guitar creativity.

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Master Intervals With a Game!

What if you could learn and master guitar intervals while having fun? Welcome to Interval Madness, a unique, competitive game included with your free account at Guitar Creative. It's not just a game, but a powerful tool to boost your knowledge of music and train your ear to recognize every interval on the guitar.

In Interval Madness, you're challenged to identify the interval between two notes displayed on a fretboard and sounded simultaneously. Your task? Pinpoint the interval as quickly as you can and accumulate points. If you guess incorrectly, you lose points and keep guessing until you've correctly identified the interval. This real-time feedback helps you to refine your interval recognition skills rapidly and effectively.

But that's not all. Interval Madness adds an element of competition to the mix with its high-score system. Land in the top 10 scores, and your user account and score will be displayed on the game page, encouraging friendly competition among learners and pushing you to keep improving your skills.

Why get bogged down in the drudgery of trying to learn intervals on your own when you can immerse yourself in a game, quickly and painlessly mastering intervals while also honing your ear training skills? All that while enjoying the challenge of playing a game! Interval Madness is an innovative, fun way to master intervals on the guitar. Unleash the power of game-based learning and see how quickly your understanding of intervals on the guitar transforms.

Ready for a new kind of guitar learning experience? Sign up for your free account today and start your journey with Interval Madness. Let the game begin!

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