Image of a frustrated guitarist Image of a frustrated guitarist

Feeling Stuck? You're Not Alone

Have you ever felt stuck in your guitar journey? Overwhelmed by the lack of clarity in instructional resources? Frustrated by the disjointed bits and pieces of knowledge you've gathered, but unable to see the bigger picture?

Or maybe you've dreamed of writing your own music, but didn't know where to start? If any of this sounds like you, you're in the right place. Welcome to Guitar Creative.

Image of guitarist set free to play what he feels. Image of guitarist set free to play what he feels.

From Frustration to Freedom

My name is Carvel Avis, and I've been where you are. I picked up my first guitar at 15 and learned a few chords quickly. I loved it! But it didn't take long for me to hit a wall. I wasn't getting any better.

I knew deep down that I really needed to understand music at a deeper level but I wanted to play - not spend all my time studying a bunch of music theory.

I was stuck between the desire to learn and the fear of a long, boring slog through a sea of information. I wanted to play the songs I loved, to write my own music, but I didn't know where to start.

My First Aha-Moment

I finally decided to dip my toe in the water when I took a basic music theory course in high school. I only learned a few, very basic things. But it was just enough! I started drawing lines on notebook paper creating fretboard diagrams and started mapping out notes on the diagrams. Patterns began to form right before my eyes and I had my first Aha! moment!

I realized that I had gone through this fretboard diagram mapping process enough times that my brain was beginning to take mental snapshots of patterns I was seeing on paper. I was visualizing those mental snaphots right on my actual guitar fretboard. The sky began to open and the angels began to sing!

Improved Technique

My technique also began to improve and here's why. Being able to visualize patterns on my guitar fretboard I was literally able to see where I was going! And because I was able to see all the possibilities right under my fingers, I was no longer plagued with the hesitations that held me captive before. It was an awesome breakthrough.

As I learned each new nugget, I never became overwhelmed. That's because with each new little thing I learned, I would immediately apply it to my playing, building on what I had learned before. I was moving from one "AHA!" to another. That process has never ended! I'm still discovering new things and growing and I can teach you the same process.

Image of guitar player having an aha moment. Image of guitar player having an aha moment.

Less Heartburn, More Aha!

There is so much conflicting, disjointed information out there. You see ads that say things like, "No boring theory! Just learn my secret system and you'll be able to play like a pro!"

Really?! If you stop and think about it, nothing about that makes sense. There's no magic bullet. But, because we all want a shortcut solution, we tend to fall for it and the next "Secret System" guy gets a little more of our money.

Reality Check

Look, music theory by itself is lifeless. Playing a bunch of boring scales, modes and arpeggios without applying them to anything is worthless. But not knowing anything about how music works is just as bad. Learning each disjointed new "Secret System" results in only getting - you guessed it - disjointed bits and pieces. You never get to see the big picture. That means giant cracks in your understanding of how it all fits together. This leads to confusion and alot of money flushed down the drain on all the "Secret Systems". And that can lead to frequent heartburn!

Why Guitar Creative?

Imagine learning one new thing about music that gives you an awesome "aha-moment" and quickly advances you to the next new level and then doing it again and again. Build on what you know → Apply it to your playing → Advance to a new level → Rinse and repeat. This approach rapidly advances you as a player while transforming you into a more creative musician.

That's why I am here - to teach you the system that has taken me years to develop. To guide you into one aha-moment after another. To empower you to grow at your own pace and never stop growing. You will never, ever be stuck again.

Your Creative Potential

I KNOW, WITHOUT A DOUBT that you have a creative side but, it has to be fed. It has to be unleashed.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player you can unlock your creative potential. And, you should never have to feel overwhelmed by the process. In fact, the day it finally hits you how simple my process really is, that will be the day you begin to set your creative side free!

How Can Creativity in Music Be Taught?

Over the last 20 years or so I have taught myself computer programming. And, because I also have firsthand knowledge of what a guitarist needs for exponential growth, I know what kind of online tools you need. A few years ago, before I retired from being a "paid programmer", I set out to create fretboard/tab/notation tools to help speed up the process even faster. That development has never stopped, and will never stop as long as I am able. Now I am ready to share these tools with you at no charge and help you to grow until you become set free to play what you feel in the moment. That's true creative freedom.

When you register for your free account, you'll immediately find a wealth of invaluable online tools designed specifically to help you grow as a player. One such tool is Riff Lab. Another tool that will immediately be available is called JamTrack Zone. Both are included in your free user account. Check out the videos below that will give you a glimpse into these two online tools.

Riff Lab
JamTrack Zone

Your Next Step

So, are you ready to take the next step in your guitar journey? Are you ready to move from feeling stuck to experiencing the joy of 'aha' moments? Are you ready to unlock your creative potential and become the guitarist you've always wanted to be? If so, welcome to Guitar Creative. Your journey starts here.

Take the first step towards your guitar breakthrough - get your free membership. Start using these tools to apply what you learn - as you learn. It's learning music theory in a practical, engaging way, transforming the way you play as you learn.



When you sign up for your free account, you'll get access to the, "Fretboard Freedom: The Essentials" guitar course. This course is not available anywhere else.

This course will give you the essentials, the things you can't afford not to know.

If you want the freedom every serious player aspires to, this is a must-have course. The entire course is free to all new members of Guitar Creative.

No matter your playing experience, knowing these essentials will make a huge difference in your progress over the long haul. It's jet fuel to supercharge your progress for years to come.

Instead of frequent heartburn from all the disjointed, hodgepodge of information out there, why not begin experiencing frequent AHA-MOMENTS!

Don't let frustration hold you back any longer.

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Don't let frustration hold you back any longer.