Why Guitar Creative

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    Guitar Creative Framework

    Do you wish you could be a truly creative, fluid player? In order to do that you need a solid foundation based on a solid, workable system of thought. If you're willing to work at it a little, I'll give you an easy to learn framework that will help you get solid.

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    Freedom To Play!

    Are your solos stuck in a bit of a rut only really pulling from a bucket of memorized riffs? There's nothing like being able to truly improvise with no thought of a memorized riff - to truly compose music on the fly. I'll teach you how to do that leveraging the power of the Guitar Creative Framework.

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    No Need to Memorize Everything

    With the Guitar Creative Framework in place, there's no need to memorize a bunch of scale modes. You'll be able to think it and play it!

Where it all started.

Carvel AvisMy name is Carvel Avis. I started playing guitar at age 15. I quickly gained an insatiable hunger to fully understand the guitar and to understand the miracle of music. After traveling with a 70's funk band for a couple of years and opening for acts such as Lou Rawls, I decided to settle down and study the instrument seriously. I earned a bachelors degree in Music Theory and Composition with major studies in guitar and cello.

In 2001 I started hotfrets.com (now guitarcreative.com) because I really wanted to share what I had learned over the years. Check out hotfrets.com in the way back machine: 2003 | 2005 | 2006. At the time, most of the guitar teaching materials I had seen, outside of a university program, were focused on impressing you with cool riffs and lightening speed. It's like the mystique of the fastest gun in the West! I let some folks convince me I should do the same thing and I quickly burned out because that's just not my passion. There's nothing wrong with having fun memorizing and playing cool riffs, but if that's why you're here, you've come to the wrong place.

Don't get me wrong, I am still part of a 70's and 80's cover band because I love the people I play with. We have a lot of fun and make good money when we play. So, I do learn other people's riffs and enjoy doing it. But, I'm never bored playing these tunes because I generally don't play the same solo twice! Thanks to my understanding of the guitar fretboard and music in general, I can play what I feel in the moment when the opportunity presents itself.

I also play regularly at my church where I have the privilege of playing with 3 of the most creative musicians I know. I've written many arrangements of old hymns and some new ones and we have a lot of fun bringing them to life!

My Passion

So, now, my passion and purpose is to help guitarists get out of the memorized-riffs "box" and become set free to play what they feel in the moment. It's because I know there are a lot of guitarists out there who don't want to settle for less. If that's you, I'm here for YOU because I know you share my hunger to really know the guitar.

If you are someone who wants to really know the guitar, I hope you'll check out my new course, Fretboard Freedom. Also, be sure to take advantage of the free learning tools available for learning chords and scales.

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  • I met Carvel back in the late 1970’s. We were playing together in the NLU Jazz Band. Carvel always played great! Always the right part and with feel and emotion.

    Although I’ve been in Nashville since 1980, I have kept in touch with Carvel. Carvel has always played with the best musicians around the Northeast Louisiana area. He has been one of the top guitarist I’ve had the pleasure of working with!

    I highly recommend this website!

    Lonnie Wilson: Nashville Music Producer, Drummer, Singer, Songwriter

    As a drummer, Lonnie has played on over 400 hit singles, received numerous awards. He is twice the winner of the ACM Drummer Of The Year, Modern Drummer Magazine Country Drummer of the Year and 4 time winner of the Music Row Magazine Drummer of the Year award. Lonnie has performed on hundreds of top 10 hit singles recorded by artist like Tim McGraw, Martina McBride, Rascal Flatts, Brooks & Dunn, Joe Diffie, Carrie Underwood, Faith Hill and many more. As a songwriter, Lonnie has enjoyed much success and has received ASCAP awards for hit singles including “Love you Out Loud” by Rascal Flatts, “Texas Size Heartache” by Joe Diffie, and “All My Friends Say” by Luke Bryan.

  • From the first time I played music with Carvel, he earned my total respect as a guitarist and arranger. What you see is a prepared package ready to play all styles, read any charts put before him and deliver performance creativity at a top notch level.

    We’ve played together many years in recording studios, jazz gigs and Christian music as well as touring thousands of miles internationally. I’ve witnessed Carvel’s heart and knowledge for teaching guitar, conducting seminars and performances in many countries such as the Middle East, Europe, Central and South America. His methods are a proven testimony.

    Mark Lane Smith: Drummer and drum educator

    Mark played with recording Artists Percy Sledge, Bobby Vinton, Petra, The Flying Burrito Brothers, Randy Travis, Charly McClain, Lorrie Morgan, Pam Tillis, Mark Feldman (Award Winning Jazz Violinist), Billie Jo Spears (International Band of the Year) and many Grand Ole Opry Artists. Drum educator for over 35 years in Louisiana, Nashville, Tn. and Overseas with several Grammy Award winning students.

  • I took lessons from Carvel back in the early 80's. He was a great teacher. Guitar, music, life, professionalism - he taught all of it!

    Stephen Lowell Brannen: Professional guitarist and instructor at the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga.

    Born and raised in the Deep South, and the son of a preacher, Stephen grew up with music all around him. He studied composition, guitar performance, and music production at colleges in Louisiana, Texas, and Tennessee. Since then he has played guitar professionally for over 30 years - in Nashville, for the Air Force, and currently in Southeastern Tennessee.

    He is at home playing pretty much any style of music including rock, country, jazz, folk, Broadway, Classical, and more. He has appeared on Good Morning America, Fox and Friends, the Grand Ole Opry, numerous radio and television appearances, and stages large and small all over the world.

  • Carvel Avis and I have played music together since around 1978. We were getting our Music Degrees at Northeast Louisiana University and performing and recording music in North Lousiana.

    Carvel's area of expertise was Music Theory and Composition and Guitar. I believe this allowed for a creative approach to his playing and teaching style. When you observe Carvel as a musician you first notice a freshness and uniqueness in his music.

    He is totally comfortable in all styles of playing and teaching. Expect something NEW and exciting when you listen to Carvel Avis. And YES!! he is a Master Performer!!

    This website will set a new, fresh standard for upcoming guitarists.

    Lawrence Gibbs: Associate Professor of Single Reeds at Louisiana Tech University retired (2016)